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Oracle Social Cloud provides more business connectivity

Twitter and other social media channels can provide invaluable data sources if addressed correctly.

As a resource for continually improving the customer experience, the cloud offers numerous ways to implement data and automation into a strong workflow. In a press release published earlier this week, Oracle announced a series of new "enhancements" to the social experience that are critical for optimizing a modern company's efficiency. Most enterprise heads understand the need for social insights, but not everyone will have the setup that makes it easy to act on such insight.

According to the source, the company is specifically linking the Social Cloud with the Oracle Service Cloud for a more coherent means of coordinating a social-enhanced workflow. With the help of the new Oracle Social Cloud Relationship Management, companies can use information from different sources to improve how they interact with the customer: these data points include enterprise private data.

This utilization of social channels can be both easy for the company to manage and more in line with the customer base's expectations. Twitter is among the sources of customer insight Oracle wants users to take advantage of, and TopTechNews quotes Oracle Social Cloud's group vice president Meg Bear on the importance of this channel in particular.

"In today's digital landscape, modern customer care is social and mobile, and increasingly the platform of choice for consumers is Twitter," she said. "Working with Twitter data allows customers to better integrate enriched social data more deeply within their customer service process to capture, learn, and act on insights to match consumer expectations."

Your business could be currently aware of the need to act on social media without having the necessary tools to do this well. An Oracle consultant base is useful for issues that might arise as you implement the proper solution.