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Companies looking to subcontract bi-lingual IT talent as they expand can turn to Fast Dolphin for support in this area, the most reliable provider of this service in both the US and Latin America. When it comes to high quality staff augmentation, we are one of the leaders and can offer experienced bilingual talent that is appropriate for our clients’ needs.

We not only look to engage companies with talent that can speak multiple languages and is prepared with full IT and business knowledge, regardless of your headquarters’ location, but we can help our client’s subsidiaries or companies in Latin American countries, so a business doesn’t have to hire two separate teams of talent to accomplish this both abroad and in the United States.

As companies begin deployments for large IT initiatives, including SAP and Oracle rollouts across all subsidiaries, they will need guidance that can help them out without the hassle and liability involved in hiring full time consultants. Here are some ways that we stand out against the competition and can give you the help you might need as you pursue project optimization:

  • We can ensure a smooth transition between cultures: We reduce a bit of the strain of adding to these services and giving your company a chance to focus on this project with an attentive and direct helper.
  • Quick response and dedicated work: We’re able to move faster than the competition and will stay with the operation until it’s completed. Because we offer our consultant a better pay structure on an individual level, we keep the amount of rotation to a minimum so that the focus is on the best possible service.
  • More adaptable than the competition: We pride ourselves in being more flexible than competitors in the field, and the work that our consultants do can be sustained for as long as is needed until the job is over. Compare that with the contractors and full time IT services that might not be able to adjust to your specific timeframe and work schedule, and you’ll see the difference.

Start investing in our service and step up the way that you work out IT implementation initiatives.