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We are the leading IT bilingual talent provider in the US. Every consultant provides extensive knowledge to your project and insight of one or several countries in Latin America. Read More..

Latin America

It is not only about speaking Spanish or Portuguese, or knowing some people in Latin America. We are experts in their customs, needs, government changes, currencies, taxes implications and immigration requirements. And we have to be honest, we also know the best food and drinks of every country in Latin America. That’s our niche. Read More..

United States

Our talent comes from Latin America, but most of our clients come from United States. We can provide consultants for your United States operations as well as your Latin America subsidiaries. Read More..

Strong Relationships

Our consultants do not quit in the middle of the assignment, why? Because we create individualized compensation packages, we pay them better than our competitors and we paid them on time. This commitment has been the key to create solid relationships with all of them. At the end of the day we believe our core business is managing people, creating relationships and building trust. Everyone is different and we respect that. Read More..


We do not subcontract third party agencies, we deal directly with consultants, which results not only in lower rates to our clients and more compensation to our consultants, but more control and ownership with any situation that might arise. Read More..


We make things happen. How? Adjusting to our client’s needs and also our consultant’s needs. Read More..


We know you need reliable consultants,that’s exactly why we go through a strict process of interviews, technical and communication skills screens and background checks before submitting every consultant.

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We are very happy to announce that we have released our new corporate video; please take a moment to learn more; it only takes 90 seconds.

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